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validationProblem: A company specializing in surface treatments, studying the possibility of acquiring an existing Quebecois company to help in establishing its presence.
Action: Rézoway was hired to identify and evaluate potential targets for acquisition. After mapping the market to determine the most advantageous region, we identified the type of potential company to target, based on the specific nature of the local economy and industry, and in accordance with the specifications. During a visit to Quebec, our client was able to visit the Rézoway-selected businesses just two months after starting the search.
Results: Rézoway presented the company with six businesses, from which three propositions for partnership and/or acquisition were submitted. Rézoway then helped the company set up a timetable and also helped in drawing up and reviewing the documents associated with the project.

Problem: A company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of traceability solutions and industrial marking for the automobile, aeronautics, oil and gas, and railway industries. The company wanted to break into the Canadian market by identifying and selecting one or more distributors to serve as an active and long-term representative in the Eastern Canadian market.
Action: To work towards this goal, Rézoway started a prospecting process to evaluate, approach, and select one or more partners in the market and that met the company’s requirements.
Results: After three months of active prospecting, combining the collection of useful market research and on-site business visits, Rézoway presented four distribution solutions, with justifications, that met the company’s goals. Following a visit by the company and on-site meetings with the four potential partners, the company chose the distributor recommended by Rézoway. After the signature of a formal distribution agreement, local teams were trained and the initial equipment was shipped. And all of this in just two months after the company’s visit. Within five months, the company had a partner that was qualified, motivated, and actively engaged in its development in Canada.


Problem: After conducting several missions and business projects in the Canadian market, more specifically in Quebec, the company wanted to structure its presence in the market by assigning two dedicated resources there. First, a locally hired senior sales representative, and second, a VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise, an international work experience volunteer) with a three-fold mission: to connect with current business contacts, to pursue the development already initiated and to provide local technical support as necessary.
Action: In this case, the company wanted to place two of its resources in Montreal (QC), and entrust housing and supervision to Rézoway.
Results: Using an operational platform in its Business Center, Rézoway actively supported the company in its business development. Through periodic work visits, sharing its professional networks, and making prospecting tools available, Rézoway was able to positively contribute to the company’s rapid development in the market. After only a year, the company saw its number of clients pass 60 and is currently hiring two additional sales managers.

The plan is a year-long assistance service combining the validation, prospecting, and establishment phases.



Problem: A company specializing in developing electronic document management software. The company’s objective was to establish a long-term presence in North America, by validating the market (business and competitive intelligence) in advance, identifying potential prospects and partners (prospecting), and forming its local team (hiring and branch formation). The company wanted to validate its opportunities in Quebec first before studying potential expansion to English-speaking provinces. That’s why Montreal was chosen as a starting point for the plan.
Action: In the context of the year-long plan, Rézoway first identified market needs and players. Then, in accordance with the specifications, Rézoway assessed the interest shown by a representative sample of potential prospects and partners before approving the introduction of a local team.
Results: In the first three months of research and analysis, Rézoway measured and evaluated the formal needs of Quebecois prospects for electronic document management. We also identified about ten prospects that the company met with during their first business visit. Two months after the first, a second visit confirmed market interest in its services, adding a range of new, qualified contacts. After six months of validation and prospecting, the Company hired two local employees, with housing and supervision managed by Rézoway, in preparation for active development in the Canadian market.


“We were able to benefit from Rézoway’s network of local professionals in domains as varied as financial, legal, real estate, and sales. Rézoway’s knowledge of the issues companies face when expanding from France to Quebec is significant and reassuring.”
Mickaël Rousseau President, Lézard Créatif
Mickaël Rousseau
“We hired Rézoway to identify distributors in Quebec. Within three months, we were given the names of four interested – and interesting! – companies. Plentiful discussions and structured weekly reports allowed us to move ahead quickly, transparently and with mutual trust. Availability, professionalism, and convincing results. That’s how I would sum up Rézoway’s services.”
Lionel Pointeau Sales and Marketing Manager, TECHNOmark
Lionel Pointeau
“Rézoway’s process is extremely professional, with regular roundups each week so that the project’s progress can be followed very closely. SIMP will pursue its relationship with Rézoway in Canada and undoubtedly in the US. Beyond the team’s professionalism, there are also human qualities that make working with them a pleasure.”
Patrick Frenay President, SIMP Ortho Solutions
Patrick Frenay
“Rézoway’s guidance at all stages of the sale, from prospecting to establishing a presence and training was indispensable for understanding, anticipating, and assisting our first clients. Their knowledge of the landscape and the specifics of the country were decisive factors in our success in that first stage.”
Denis Gachon Business Development Manager, IZI-Pass
Denis Gachon