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Office space and domiciliation services


Business domiciliation

Locate my business in Canada.

Business office hosting

Host my company / my local employees.

Hosting / Supervising V.I.E.

Hosting and supervising my V.I.E.

Market intelligence and business diagnostics


Competitive Intelligence

Mastering and exploiting information on my local market.

Business diagnostic

Get a business diagnostic and define my roadmap: RevieW, the Rezoway method

Business strategy and project support



An online exploratory trade mission to North America with meetings and seminars.

Support to export activities

Build my local business ecosystem

Test my market

Test the market appetite for my products/services with targeted prospects

Find partners

Find my commercial / industrial / technical partners.


Determine the market regulatory framework for my products / services

Adapt my offering

Localize the marketing of my products / services.


Grow my sales via localized social media

Make an acquisition

Acquire a company for its local footprint.

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Setting up a business: creation of a subsidiary or acquisition


Create a subsidiary

Create my subsidiary and/or set up my company.

Make an acquisition

Acquire a company.

Recruitment and management of resources


Hosting / Supervising

Hosting and supervising my V.I.E.

Wage portage

Contract portage: package solutions for hiring local resources.


Recruit and coach my local resources

Managing my resources

Host and manage my expat resources


Manage my ressources immigration.

Outsourced export manager

Take advantage of an outsource resource to structure and launch your project.

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