Business Project in North America?

Rézoway assists SMEs in building their local business ecosystem and establishing a sustainable presence in North America. Do you have any questions about your projects?

    "The understanding of the needs was complete once they get down to work. An indisputable contribution in the necessary acculturation of any existing entity to the local market."

    - Tristan Vendé, Marketing Communication and Offer Manager

    "Rezoway deploys comprehensive and concrete 360 support for entrepreneurs who wish to establish themselves in North America."

    - Isabelle TOVENA PECAULT, International and European Projects Manager

    "It is very difficult to start a business when the company has no contacts or close ties in the target country. The history and knowledge of Rezoway and its teams is a serious asset when it comes to assessing a business situation or adapting a discourse locally. I strongly recommend that a French company wishing to establish itself in North America use Rezoway for its quality expertise, resources, and commitment."

    - Benjamin Legrand, Chief Operating Officer - North America

    "A two-step intervention, which not only allowed us to take into consideration the local manufacturing constraints which are quite far from our standards, but also products distribution and the consumer culture, which is limited in our product category. A very serious contact established with a local stakeholder. An accompaniment during the mission enabling us to have a high quality field experience, with a warm welcome that allow us to keep excellent memories."

    - Didier Le Guen, Sales Director

    "ENO collaborates with Rezoway for a commercial establishment in Quebec and Ontario. Alone, we quickly realized that we needed to be accompanied in order to improve our speech, our positioning and our customer service. With Rezoway, a strategic plan was put in place, a quality resource was recruited and a smooth operation was established: regular reporting, rapid handling of bottlenecks, strength of proposal, solution provider, diversity of areas of expertise."

    - Antoine Thomas, Business Manager

    "Beyond the conviviality of their hosting, Rezoway and its associates have brought us real added value in adapting and implementing our offer to the Québec market. The relevant contacts (partners, institutions, potential clients) chosen by Rezoway enable us to save precious time in the presentation and marketing of our offer. Thank you Rezoway!"

    - Michel Vaudescal, Director

    "Thank you to the Rezoway team for having successfully organized a prospecting tour of end-customers and distributors for our innovative tool: "Electroportable Tie Wrap Clamp". Rezoway's result support: we now have a good idea of the market and the customer portfolio as well as serious contacts of Canadian distribution partners with whom we will be able to write a beautiful story."

    - Philippe Monceyron, Chief Executive Officer

    "Excellent coordination, good targeting, relevant information, good relationship, our need being specific, we were pleasantly "surprised" by the adequacy achieved, satisfaction for contact obtained even if everything remains to be done.

    - Mesmin Beragnes, President

    "Rezoway has given us the benefit of its network of local professionals, financial, legal, real estate even commercial. Their knowledge of French company expansion in Quebec territory is real and reassuring. In less than 3 months, Rezoway identified us, 4 interested and interesting distributors companies in Quebec! Availability, professionalism and convincing results, that's how I would summarize Rezoway's work."

    - Lionel Pointeau, Sales and Marketing Director

    "Rezoway's seniority and knowledge are a real asset, it's an accelerator, through its network, but also through the human side which is very present. We can only advise a French company wishing to establish itself in North America to use the services of a company such as Rezoway. One of the few companies that know how to say NO, when necessary."

    - Nicolas Guillou, CEO

    "We have enjoyed working with the Rézoway team from start to finish. They are competent, serious, available and friendly. They achieved our objectives as set out in the specifications, we are very satisfied. »

    - Viviane Grégoire, Export Manager

    "Rezoway's approach is extremely professional, with formal points every week allowing us to follow the progress of the project very concretely. SIMP will continue its relationship with Rezoway in Canada and probably in the US. Beyond the team's professionalism, there are also human qualities that have made it possible to work with pleasure."

    - Patrick Frenay, President

    Validate my contract

    Is there really a market potential for my products/services?

    Market Access Assessment

    A regulatory and competitive analysis leading to a test of the receptiveness of your offer to your key targets in order to de-risk your project.

    Our services:

    Open up a new export territory, why not. Where do I start?


    A 360-degree diagnosis of your project that allows you to establish a strategic and controlled roadmap. 

    Our services:

    How can I identify the right commercial distributor or industrial partner for my products in a new target territory?

    Conducting a market access assessment (regulatory and competition analysis, offer receptivity test) and setting up of commercial tours (identification, prospecting, qualification of prospects, planning of meetings and support in business discussions)

    Our services:

    I have identified a strategic territory to conquer but many business scenarios are possible. How do I go about it in an efficient and controlled manner? What if I want to make an acquisition?

    The Plan

    An end-to-end support that ensures you a controlled (deadlines and budget) and agile (responsiveness and adaptation) deployment.

    Our services:

    Implement my project


    Promote my activities

    The R.O.I. is the basis for the evaluation of a business establishment, while the valuation is central to both the financing and the transfer aspects. How can I prepare for this and structure myself in our international reality?

    Support to the structuring of a sustainable economic modelassistance in the organization of the financial operation, assistance in the negotiation and closing.

    Our related services: