Born in St-Etienne (France) in 1966, Laurent Satre settled in Canada 25 years ago. In 1991, he founded Temps Fort Inc., in Montreal, a company specialized on time and document management training for managers and executives.  In 1997, Laurent joined the Canadian office of Enterprise Rhône-Alpes International (Erai).  Fifteen years of experience with Erai working with small and medium sized companies strengthened his entrepreneurial skills, and made him the expert that he is today in international business development. While with Erai, Laurent devotedly supported over 500 French companies in their Canadian development; completing an average of 50 to 70 successful projects per year.  At the end of 2012, Laurent left Erai and created Rézoway, Inc., a company dedicated to providing solutions for companies looking to evaluate markets, establish operations, and develop business opportunities in North America. Laurent’s distinctive sense of business, passion to provide added value solutions, and extensive international business network built up over years of experience on both side of the ocean, have allowed Rézoway to become an industry leader and quickly growth in size.  Laurent and his team currently support more than 40 French companies on a regular basis with business development efforts in North American.